Evolve.Space was featured in Loudoun Now's article, Building Business: Spaces to Work, Places to Collaborate published on 3.31.16.  

Below is an excerpt from the article, written by Kara Rodriguez.  For the full text, click on the article title above.


602 S. King St. #400, Leesburg


A father and son team are behind Leesburg’s newest co-working venture, Evolve.

Charles and Robert Matheson recently debuted Evolve in the Waverly Park space owned by the elder Matheson since the 1980s.

The idea for Evolve grew out of Robert Matheson’s frequent trips up and down the East Coast. Classifying himself a “serial entrepreneur,” Robert Matheson helped launch an apparel brand, in addition to consulting work. He traveled from his home in Charlottesville to New York, with frequent trips to Rhode Island and Florida. He and his business partners use a co-working space in New York City and he found the opportunities for collaboration among other businesses to be very inviting. When the fourth floor tenant moved out of the Waverly Park space, the Mathesons worked to replicate the atmosphere Robert experienced.

“I know this is a growing trend in the business world. There are more and more mobile users, more and more independent workers,” Robert Matheson said.

Evolve offers several levels of membership. One can rent a space daily, monthly, have a private office or use the flexible space. There’s even been quite a bit of interest in renting conference room space for events, Robert Matheson said.

Plans are already in the works to scale the Evolve business model, and open other Evolve co-working spaces along the East Coast. And Robert Matheson believes the desire for co-working space is only increasing.

“It’s the evolution of the work environment,” he said.