Evolve.Space evolved out of a need...

Mission Statement:

Evolve.Space (“Evolve”) is an innovative, open-space environment that evolved out of the need of a growing independent and mobile workforce around the country, specifically targeted in secondary cities.


Vision Statement:

Evolve.Space (“Evolve”) is an environment of co-working, open space, meeting rooms and events for members, using seamless technology and state-of-the-art of systems to create a unique offering that engages our members constantly. Members join Evolve.Space because it is the ideal place to work evolved™. 



Robert R. Matheson, a serial entrepreneur is the creative driving force behind Evolve.Space and the effort to bring this unique and high-quality work environment to mobile workers of varying backgrounds in a multitude of industries.

In 2011, Mr. Matheson was in New York city working with his design and development team, who had flown in from five different states to attend a summit for his apparel/fashion brand Robert Redd. Our team searched out a meeting place that was economical and modern and came across a new and unique concept called co-working, where our immediate needs were met with a clean, safe, efficient, focused and friendly environment to engage with each other. In a very short time, the whole team realized they were able to collaborate and interact with other members in the space to improve and innovate on their ideas and contacts.

As co-working grew around the country, mostly in major cities, Mr. Matheson realized this was more than a fad and sought to create a new model for secondary cities that is based on his experiences in multiple co-working/open space organizations from New York, to Los Angeles, to South Florida, to South Carolina and Washington, DC.

To make the environment great, Mr. Matheson (a natural creative and recognized brand architect) set out to build the brand first, with a sense of modern, minimalist and futuristic aspects. In color scheme, type of furniture, messaging and marks.

Robert Redd Matheson - Founder and CEO

Robert R. Matheson

Founder and CEO of Evolve.Space

Evolve.Space is the creation of Mr. Matheson and his creative development firm, Earlyman, LLC (“Earlyman”). Earlyman has the primary goal of creating, incubating and accelerating business ventures and opportunities. Flexibility and discipline are key to the success of any venture.

At Earlyman we use a seven-part methodology to facilitate the structure of discipline, which provides the ultimate in flexibility. Experience and capital are absolutely required to accomplish these goals. Thus Earlyman Ventures and Earlyman Capital Partners are designed to work together.

Mr. Matheson is recognized as a Brand Architect, having contributed to Forbes.com as an expert in branding and marketing, with the by-line of “brand architect.” 

Mr. Matheson's experience is vast, having worked in one capacity or another in the fields of technology (internet security, content management and online education) to finance, to apparel and real estate. Mr. Matheson evolved his interest and mission to focus primarily on consumer products, creative initiatives and technology ventures. His vision for an innovative integrated investment vehicle as a strategic division working in conjunction with a holding company of ventures is unique.

Mr. Matheson's MBA is to be earned from American University's Kogod School of Business. He has a BA in History from George Mason University. He has devoted a large portion of his free time to serving as a fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Club’s around America and as a past director of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Center for Creative Arts.

Evolve.Space is a unique concept, created to provide the most effective and state-of-the-art offering for mobile workers in secondary cities.
— Robert R. Matheson - Founder and CEO

Earlyman is a dynamic platform with multiple divisions. Earlyman Ventures is a holding company that owns the IP of Evolve.Space. Earlyman was founded by Robert R. Matheson in 1999.